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. We have been making Laser carved wood Jewelry in the USA since 1997. It is available at WHOLESALE prices to Businesses.
.  Your Satisfaction is GAURANTEED on every item we sell. Any item that does not meet your needs can be      returned in 10 days for a full refund or returned (in salable condition) at any time for full credit towards any item  in our line.
.  You may order individual jewelry items or we have displays with jewelry assortment preselected with our best sellers. We manufacture displays that will hold from 26 to over 200 pieces of jewelry.

Minimum order is $100.00 US on first order. No Minimums after first order.
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Laser Carved Wood Jewelry

At Handcrafters Gifts, we specialize in beautiful wholesale wooden jewelry for any occasion. Carefully carved by exacting lasers, our wood carved earrings come in a wide assortment of designs, such as chickadee earrings, bear earrings, and jay earrings. We also offer simple wooden hoop earrings that can complement any outfit. Our wooden earrings are light and delicate, but sturdy enough to stand up to everyday wear. Pair our wood carved jewelry with jeans and a t-shirt, or a sweet summer dress – we have designs for every occasion.

As wooden earring wholesalers, Handcrafters Gifts is your provider for bulk earring purchases at low prices, as well as charming wooden jewelry displays for your business. Our jewelry displays provide an excellent companion and counterpoint to our wooden earrings, displaying them for sale in a very appealing way. We offer different wholesale displays to suit any shop, ranging from more traditional spinning tower displays to our unique and fun carved bear display. Our wholesale displays will fit perfectly into your shop and allow customers to peruse our wooden jewelry with ease.

Choose laser carved jewelry from Handcrafters Gifts for your shop, or as personal accessories to your favorite outfits. With their range of sweet and fun designs, Handcrafters Gifts offers something for everyone. Children will love our butterflies and puppy dogs, while more mature customers will appreciate our detailed dogwood flowers and hummingbird earrings. Peruse our wood carved earrings and customize a display for your business – everyone will have their own favorite!

Handcrafters Gifts takes pride in providing quality wooden jewelry at wholesale prices. Our laser carved jewelry is unlike anything else on the market, painted in an array of bright colors. Our wooden jewelry is able to truly capture the likeness of a range of charming animals, flowers, and other designs. Shop Handcrafters Gifts today for incomparable wood carved jewelry and classic displays that are sure to be an attractive centerpiece in any shop.